Mr. Colson Barkley

Hello! I have the privilege of teaching music to the students of Grace Christian School! 


I was homeschooled with a small co-op in the Mission Viejo area. My mother is a professional pianist and my father works for a non-profit, Christian organization that focuses on relational evangelism—so I turned out to be a musician who wants to learn more and more of God’s intention for music. This led me to studying music composition at the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music outside Chicago. 


Afterwards, I came back to Southern California and the Lord took me on a journey over several years, both professionally and spiritually. Throughout that time, I worked as a musician, singer, composer, producer, actor, and director in different film and theatre projects. My primary work was at Disneyland in their character department. At the same time, He was digging deeper into my heart, prompting me to find my purpose in Him more and more. I found myself directing a small choir at Calvary Chapel High School and music directing for a youth-focused theatre company, and I knew that I had found God’s intention for my next season!


I’m grateful to you and to the Lord for the opportunity to teach at Grace.