Andrew Contreras » Introduction


Queridos Familias (dear families) of Grace Christian School,


I am very excited to be the new spanish teacher for elementary and primary. God has taken me through many different stages, but it all started in Barcelona, Spain. I grew up on the mission field of Gijón, Spain with my parents, Joseph and Danielle Contreras, who are full time missionaries. This gave me the privilege to have Castellon (Castilian Spanish) as my first language. Growing up around such rich history and culture gave me the pride of being a 

Spanish national.


I am also a US citizen, and it has been thrilling living in California for the past three years. This is by far the best state in America! I enjoy serving at my local church, Crosspoint, in worship services and my favorite hobby is surfing. 


I was a substitute teacher at Grace Christian school, and I am enthused to join the incredible and brilliant staff here. I will be working under Señora Garner's Spanish Program to make the best use of our time, resources and abilities. I choose to show the love of Christ to each and every one of my students, and I am committed to their future success. 


Gracias, and Thank you

Señor Contreras