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AR Information

Students are responsible for earning a certain amount of points each quarter for AR. The number of points varies by student depending on their reading range. Both of these things are highlighted on the AR sheet that should be in the reading section of the student's 3 ring binder.

Each book, as long as it is an AR book, is assigned a certain amount of points which students can find out by checking the media center or going online. The number of points each book is worth depends on the level of comprehension difficulty associated with the book.

The students read books appropriate to their level so they can be successful in passing the tests.

Students will fill out a "bookmark" which needs to be signed by a parent then turned in before they take test either in the classroom or in the media center. Daily, the first 10 minutes are given for either AR reading or taking their tests. Otherwise, they can take the test in the media center before or after school also at lunch.

If a book is worth 4 AR points and the student passes with 100% the student will get all 4 points. If the student passes with a 80% they will get 80% of the 4 points. Students must pass with a Cor better to earn points. If they fail the test they will receive no points and cannot retake the test a 2nd time.

Most students will need to read more than 2 books to meet their points goal. Some books with high point value, their points can be taken care of on one test. I would not recommend waiting to right before the end of the quarter given the possibility they take may fail the test and have 0 points.

AR points must be finished by the due date!

If your child genuinely reads a book from cover to cover and continues to not pass their test then please let me know and I can lower their ZPD level or we can look into doing a book report in place of the computer test.

Tests prove that a child that reads daily becomes a more fluent reader with strong comprehension skills. Reading just in the classroom, does not ensure students to achieve at their highest reading potential. A child needs to read at least 15 minutes daily.

To make reading more enjoyable for students is to find a book at his/her appropriate reading level and to find a book that is interesting to the child!