Many classrooms at Grace contain one or more computers for the use of students. These are used in various ways and times by the teacher to help promote certain skills. In addition, students are sent during school hours to the computer lab, as a group or entire class, to do more extensive study, or have some alternative learning time.

The computer lab at Grace Christian School has 30 personal computers, complete with software for a variety of learning experiences. In the younger grades, TK-2nd, the computers are used to reinforce math skills and introduce keyboarding procedures (i.e. use of a mouse, moving through programs and typing in words appropriately). Coding is also introduced. In the 3rd-5th grade classes, keyboarding skills are taught including correct keystrokes for the alphabet and numbers from the home key position. 6th grade learns problem solving using Google drive applications. 7th and 8th graders are able to choose a Computer Elective class to explore how computers work, develop computer proficiency, and use the latest photo and video editing software.