Special Day Care Service Days

From time to time, Grace Christian School will have 'Student Free' days.  Parents will be given as much notice as possible when these days are scheduled.  We will have pre-registration sign-up forms available here on this web page.  Please see below the different type of 'Student Free' days and click on the link at the bottom for the most current sign-up form.
SPECIAL STAFF INSERVICE DAYS - There will be some special Teacher In-Service Days when Day Care will be provided during regular school day hours for no charge beyond tuition.  Extended Care will also be available and families requiring these services will pay according to the pre-paid/hourly plan they have chosen for the school year.
SPECIAL Day Care Service Days - $25 per day per child
Day care services are available on certain special in-service day throughout the school year for $25 per day per child (beyond the chosen method of day care payment), those special in-service days are marked on the yearly calendar which is sent home in August. Families needing day care on those special days will need to register in advance as there is limited space available.