The general music program seeks to instill a love of music in students to promote continued music education throughout their lifetime. General music instruction is offered once a week to grades TK-5th grade. All students learn to sight-read rhythm and pitch with increasing difficulty, precision, and accuracy; to connect musical ideas to other subjects such as art, math, literature, and history; to understand and perform a variety of instruments such as percussion and the recorder; analyze and compose written and visual performances using musical vocabulary; and proper performance etiquette.


6th grade music class is a survey of different music cultures of the world. Students compare and contrast music of other nations to music they are familiar with. At the end of the quarter, students present a group project of an in-depth study in the ethnicity of their choice.   All 6th grade students are required to take this course.


7th and 8th grade music Classical guitar and is an elective chosen by the students. Students learn to read classical notation and chords. Students perform in front of the class as part of their mid-term and final assignments.