Welcome to the Learning Center! The center is the place where children can learn to be successful while receiving academic and emotional support. The Opportunity Program is utilized in the center. This program was developed over 25 years ago to expand and the school’s ability to meet the diverse needs and talents of the students in Christian schools, and Grace Christian School, in particular. Research-based materials are a key element of the program.


The Opportunity Program is a pull-out program that provides language arts and mathematics instruction in a comfortable small-group setting. Opportunity students receive mainstream support from the Opportunity teacher, Ms. Mary Beth Raper, in conjunction with the various classroom teachers. Instruction may include pre-teaching, skill and concept reinforcement, and appropriate accommodation plans. Students who are part of the program are also eligible to come to the center after school to work on homework assignments.


The goal of the Learning Center is to provide loving support and specialized instruction so each child can reach his or her potential regardless of individual learning styles.