The Learning Center was developed to expand our ability to meet the diverse

needs and talents of the students here at Grace Christian School. We have

several approaches within our Learning Center…

The Opportunity Program: Directed by Ms. Mary Beth Raper, is in existence to help

unlock the hidden potential of children with different learning styles. The

Opportunity Program offers extra support for students with different learning

styles in a comfortable and supportive environment.

The Opportunity Program is a pull-out program that provides Language Arts

and Mathematics instruction in small groups. In addition, Opportunity students

receive mainstream support from the Opportunity staff that may include pre-teaching, skill

and concept reinforcement, and appropriate accommodation plan.  

Speech Therapy: Also available in our program is help for children who have communication difficulties. Mrs.

Gina Fortune, certified speech therapist, provides this service. Her goals are child-specific and can include

improving speech production skills as well as expressive and receptive language skills.

The Learning Center is a fun and exciting place to learn. Our staff is working diligently to provide an

atmosphere where students can be successful, and promote learning skills that unlock each individual’s

academic potential.


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