Accelerated Reader

Typically GCS students read well above “grade level”, but improving comprehension and speed are important aspects of preparation for school and life ahead. Our goal at Grace in facilitating the Accelerated Reader Program is to stimulate growth and accountability in our students as they read for assignments, research, and for pleasure.


This program is designed for reading, not books on tape.


What is Accelerated Reader? A computerized learning information system designed to help motivate, monitor and manage student reading practice.


What does ZPD mean? Zone of Proximal Development - This acronym stands for the comfort zone in which a student will read with comprehension. You can also think of it as your student’s Book Level range. Reading material higher than the ZPD will result in frustration. Reading material lower than the ZPD will result in little growth.


Can a student’s ZPD change? The initial STAR placement test is just a starting point for the ZPD. Other reading assessments, student progress and teacher monitoring may lead to lowering or raising the ZPD at any time during the school year.


How will my student’s point goal be determined? Point goals are determined based on a student’s ZPD and will vary from student to student, even in the same grade and class. The number of points equals the amount of time a student spends reading in his/her comfort zone. Example: Student “A” is required to earn 15 points in one quarter. If the student reads 20 minutes a day, five days a week, in his/her comfort zone and scores 100% on all of the comprehension quizzes, he or she will earn 15 points. If the student scores less than 100%, additional reading and quizzes will be required to earn the 15 points.


How can I help my child succeed when taking an AR quiz?

1. Encourage them to select a book of high interest in their ZPD.

To find the Book Level (BL) of a book and its point value, visit

2. Remind them to make sure a quiz is available before they start reading the book.

3. Ask questions about what they are reading. This helps with comprehension.

4. Encourage them to take the AR quiz 24 to 48 hours after finishing the book.


How can we be sure there is a quiz for the book selected?

There are thousands of books that have quizzes written and Renaissance quiz writers publish over 200 quizzes every week, so it is rare that students choose a book that does not have a quiz. In order to find out if there is a quiz made for the book, visit or use the Renaissance Web page, (Quizzes Coming Soon are also listed here).


* It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that there is a quiz before starting a book. Keep in mind that Renaissance Learning generally publishes quizzes for new books several weeks after the book is released.


Parents may refer any other questions to Accelerated Reader Program Manager, Mrs. Milton.