School Supplies

First Grade School Supplies
A pencil box (approx. 2" X 5" X 8 1/2"--smaller does not hold all the items and larger does not fit in the desk well)
1 Eraser
1 Kids blunt-nosed scissors
1 Backpack for carrying things to and from school
1 box (regular size) Kleenex tissues
**4 pencils (sharpened)
**1 box of crayons (16-24 colors only! The Crayola Twistables are O.K.)
**1 glue stick (large size)
**1 Pocket folder (Pee-Chee type) for carrying papers to and from school
(You may want to stock up on these ** items to replace through the year. Your child will probably need an extra 4-8 pencils, 3 more boxes of crayons, 2-4 glue sticks and 2-3 more folders.)
In addition, these items will be split between the families in our class. It will be divided by last names--so I will update these items when I get my class list.
Baby wipes
Cleaning wipes
Large glue sticks
Hand sanitizer