Judy Kimura heads up the “other” woodwinds at Grace – the clarinet and saxophone. Although Judy’s college education prepared her for teaching math and Japanese (2 degree from UCI!) she has found her place here at Grace with her other love…music. She loves helping her students discover their God –given talents, especially as a group which performs and learns from each other. She has her group students (the Jazzy J’s) perform at Senior Citizen homes or city events. She loves the kids and it comes out as she usually plays right along with them. Her husband is a Japanese native and they 4 beautiful children together. She does teach Japanese at UCI (in her off time) and enjoys garage sales and a good walk.

Judy Kimura has been associated with Grace Christian School since 1988, when the first four of her children entered the school as a kindergartener.  Subsequently, all four, who now range in age from 25-34, did graduate from Grace; and she began to give lessons on both clarinet and saxophone at the school campus beginning in 1993, concurrently to her other vocation of teaching Japanese, tracing back her music beginnings to age nine. 


She holds two BA’s from UCI in Mathematics and the equivalent of East Asian Studies, a Secondary Teaching Credential in both subjects from UCI, and two Teaching Credentials/Master’s Equivalents in TJSL (Teaching of Japanese as a Second Language) from Keio University and the National Language Research Institute, both in Tokyo, Japan.  She taught Japanese for 26 years at both 2- and 4-year university level Los Angeles and Orange County institutions, including 18 years at UCI, from which she retired in 2014. Beginning the spring of 2016, she became part-time faculty in Japanese at Cypress College.


She is dedicated to both her music teaching at GCS and at her home, along with Japanese language tutoring.  She is grateful that God has allowed her to be concurrently involved with the two loves of her life: Music and Japanese.


Her husband, Masayuki (“Mike”) and her also have two grandchildren.


Prayer from Judy: All glory be to the Lord Jesus Christ for guiding me to become a teacher, and each day may my students and their families see Him reflected in all that I do and say.  Amen.