Mrs. Myers began teaching the string students at Grace Christian School in the Fall of 2006. She currently teaches the string students individually and prepares them to play in an ensemble for the two yearly school concerts. She also encourages her students to play in a group to have a well-rounded musical experience.

Mrs. Myers was raised in a home where music was valued and used for God’s glory. All her family members played instruments and often helped lead the music at their church on Sunday mornings. Mrs. Myers received her B.A. from the Master’s College, where she was on a music team which ministered to various churches on the weekends. Before coming to Grace, Mrs. Myers taught privately at her home while raising her own children. She enjoys studying each child to discover how each child learns best and then adjusting the lessons to best meet their needs. Please contact Mrs. Myers if you are interested in being a part of the Grace Strings program. She can be reached at myers@verizon.net.